Minggu, 15 Januari 2012

Pardew upbeat on Cabaye injury

Newcastle boss Alan Pardew does not believe that the injury sustained by Yohan Cabaye on Sunday is a particularly bad one.

It was initially feared that Shaun Derry's 20th-minute challenge during Newcastle's 1-0 win over Queens Park Rangers may have done serious damage to Cabaye.

However, after consulting with his medical team, Pardew is confident that the midfielder's injury is a minor problem, revealing that "the doc thinks he is going to be okay."

Derry was given a yellow card by referee Chris Foy following the incident, a decision which satisfied Pardew.

"It was a strong challenge, but Shaun Derry is a player who makes strong challenges. The referee was right on top of it," said the Newcastle boss.

"I thought it was borderline yellow/red, but I think probably it was a yellow. He seemed to get the ball.

"There is always controversy about tackling. It's very, very difficult for referees, so I am not going to sit here and criticise that decision."

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