Jumat, 13 Januari 2012

Nasri abused by fans on way home from Liverpool defeat in car clip posted on YouTube

A video has emerged of Samir Nasri being subjected to abuse from fans - while driving home from Manchester City's defeat.

The City midfielder - who came on as a first-half substitute for the injured Mario Balotelli in the 1-0 Carling Cup semi-final defeat - caught the attention of another car late on Wednesday night.

Inside were fans, who filmed the incident on a mobile phone and later posted the clip on YouTube.

After spotting Nasri in his top-of-the-range car, the group start chanting 'Nasri, 1-0! Nasri, 1-0!'. The accents were from Liverpool.

The cars then pull level and Nasri - who is driving - lowers his window to hear what the fans are saying and points to the road ahead.

The fans continue to taunt the player by asking: '1-0, how do you fancy that, lad?'

As the taunts become stronger, one voice is heard to shout: 'How do you like that you f****** Arsenal reject?

'You should have never have left Arsenal. You would have had a better chance of winning the Champions League with Arsenal than Man City.'

Nasri then talks back to the fans, although his words are not clear on the video, before deciding to drive away.

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