Senin, 09 Januari 2012

FA will write to Liverpool, Man Utd ahead of Cup clash

The FA have concerns over Liverpool's powderkeg FA Cup tie with Manchester United at the end of the month.

The Daily Mail says they will write to Liverpool and Manchester United ahead of their FA Cup tie and ask them not to inflame a potentially explosive situation.

The Luis Suarez racism row means there is even more bad feeling than usual between the two great rivals and the request from the FA will be directed, in particular, at Kenny Dalglish and Sir Alex Ferguson in the hope that the managers avoid making any provocative comments ahead of the clash at Anfield.

The FA took the same steps ahead of Sunday’s derby clash at the Etihad Stadium and while there were arrests, the focus remained on the pitch. Liverpool want to hold further discussions with the FA over the Suarez case.

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