Minggu, 08 Juli 2012

The Language in Space of the Cochlea Implantation

Video: 'The Language in Space' is a play written by Herbert Gantschacher.

The scene "The Cochlea Implantation" (performed by the Deaf actors Horst Dittrich as the father and Reinhard Grobbauer as the son and Werner Mössler as the doctor" shows a cochlea implantation real ironically. It is a real question, the cochlea implantation could be helpful.

On the way of an operation the return to the "hearing world" is technically possible. But the way of operation is not helpful for the Deaf society.

Video by arbos6

What happens to operated Deaf people, which are living now with a cochlea implantation but without a better result of hearing? They are not integrated in the "hearing world" and the Deaf world, they damaged psychological and physical. In such a situation the cochlea implantation destroys Deaf society.

ARBOS-Company for Music and Theatre.

Director & Producer: Herbert Gantschacher.

Camera: Bidpai.

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