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'Dirty Sign With Kristin' ASL Videos Under Fire!

'Dirty Sign With Kristin' ASL videos under fire!

Deaf viewers outraged by bizarre and confusing on Dirty Signs With Kristin.

This vblog discussing to support of the petition we hopeful that we can recognize that we may overlook after a video publication, the video on the internet was met with a strong reaction from the ASL-speaking community. Many members of the community have objected to the video on the grounds that it features incomprehensible signs that from Kristin Henson's vlogs "Dirty Signs" which this is a saddening testimony to how ignored and oppressed the ASL Deaf community.

Last a few weeks ago, A Deaf vlogger's name is Victoria just released video with captions to response for "Dirty Signs With Kristin" - Featuring Kristin Henson in which a video was under fire for major mistake for flubbing a many wrong gestures of dirty signs and insulted.

Kristin Henson's vlogs has attracted an audience of more than 1,5 million and 11,615 subscribers but Deaf viewers are outraged by nonsensical signing claiming 'Dirty Signs With Kristin'. Leading campaigner who want a good quality of learning American Sign Language for the Deaf and hearing adults as Kristin claimed "About Kristin Henson Page" Deaf viewers said incoherent videos makes second-class citizens out of disability sufferers, for instance one of vlogger who is a hearing person view on Kristin's videos as seen: A phrase in ASL just for Kristin Henson

Kristin Henson, who butchers and disrespects the langauge of the American Deaf community for cheap laughs and her 15 minutes of fame. Kristin Henson is selling for a profits from ASL and culture which she conisdering the publish the book "Kristin Henson's Super Smutty Sign Language" and the "Dirty Sign with Kristin" videos in which has no right to sell her book and stuff when she not know much about ASL or know how to sign language in right way, somehow, ASL Deaf community view is that what she is doing is a classic case of exploitation.

Please to support of the petition to sign: St. Martin's Press: Do not publish Kristin Henson's Super Smutty Sign Language Book: http://www.change.org/petitions/st-martin-s-press-do-not-publish-kristin-henson-s-super-smutty-sign-language-book

ASL community responses to Kristin Henson's videos.

ASL Response to Kristin Henson's Smutty Signs part 1 & 2

Vlog covering several points on why it is not tolerable, acceptable or even non-offensive to the ASL community. If you want to understand the whole concept on why we, the ASL community, find this unacceptable...then this one may help you, there is link Dirty Signs With Kristin here after your done watching this ridiculous.

Video by YenahsYenzow

Dirty Signs Petition: Vlog in ASL.


Kristin Henson's horrible dirty signs - Yikes they are just bad and her selection of really mocking and ludicrous phrases to "teach" to the public shows a huge disrespect for ASL and Deaf people. Petition about Kristen Henson's ridiculous dirty signs contract which ridicules real ASL and Deaf discourse.

ASL community responses to Kristin Henson's Videos:

A phrase in ASL just for Kristin Henson

Dirty Signs with Kristin. GET OUT BITCH!

Translation of Kristin's Dirty Signs: FAIL

Against Dirty Signs - We Deaf Say No to Dirty Sign Teacher

Dirty Sign with Kirstin. She Use Sign Language is Wrong

About Kristin and Her "Dirty Signs" Videos

The Guy Say Learn From Dirty Signs With Kristin

A Hearing Opinion on Kristin and Her Dirty Signs

Stop Dirty ASL

What Are You thinkin Kristin?!

Stop Make Fun Deaf Sign Language "Dirty Signs W/ Kristin


Dirty Signs with Kristin says:

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT an interpreter! I understand that the art of ASL is very complex, and what I do is probably much closer to "Signed English" as opposed to actual ASL. The phrases I sign in these videos are things I tried to mash together from individual words I learned on the internet and from friends, and are probably not very close to the actual ASL phrases. If you would like to start learning ASL, I highly recommend it. I'm trying myself and it's a beautiful language, and there are many good resources out there (myself not included). With that said, I am not trying to disrespect anyone in the process of making these videos, I'm simply trying to have fun with my friends and learn ASL. If you see me signing something incorrectly, PLEASE let me know, and I will try to make a new video. Thanks!

Kristin claimed "I'm learning in ASL" as seen "About Kristin Henson Page". Actually, Kristin Henson is insulting and offensive ASL-users community for misleading signed on the tube in which she is NOT a licensed and certified interpreter or ASL course as well.

You can find the links of Kristin's terrbile signed and ignorance...

Dirty Signs With Kristin:





St. Martin's Press: Do not publish Kristin Henson's Super Smutty Sign Language Book: http://www.change.org/petitions/st-martin-s-press-do-not-publish-kristin-henson-s-super-smutty-sign-language-book

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