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NAD Voting System Rigged ?

Video: NAD Voting System Rigged ?

The Election Committee of the National Association of the Deaf voting system fraudulent ??? How does the voting system works during selection of NAD Officers. Questions about how the delegates are supposed to do at NAD Conference. Numerous of Deafies heard about the voting had been rigged.

Electronic voting (also known as e-voting) is a term encompassing several different types of voting, embracing both electronic means of casting a vote and electronic means of counting votes as seen on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_voting A public network DRE voting system is an election system that uses electronic ... Internet voting to elect officers and Board members and for other proxy elections, ... and include software, different methods of election fraud become possible.

The Deaf Community keeps hearing different stories such as favoritism and fixture but a certain if they all are true, however, one source said the voting system can be cheated when the ballots are counted to choose by the NAD staff. It is damaged now and it is disgusted for the Deaf Communties and will fight it in next election of 2014. The thing is it's the special interest groups such as Z|CSDVRS keep NAD positions in their hands for a number of years. Way too long. They should allow others to run NAD for a change. People's rationale about being a delegate but sit is according to the NAD bylaws that change comes through the State Associations. Please watch on iDeafNews video: https://vimeo.com/45343477 before you read this blog and watch vlogs in ASL.

The Election Committee announced official candidates for officer and regional representative positions on the National Association of the Deaf Board of Directors - Find more information at: http://www.nad.org/louisville/official-candidates-board-positions

Terms of "Status Quo" and "Patronizing Deaf Community." What Ridor said just now is exactly the same thing a State Association of the Deaf is doing to the State Deaf Community. It is very sad to know that organization(s) owned by members are SO SO hesistant for positive changes. Instead of making changes we need, the organization(s) puts us back in medieval times.

NAD Delegates Equal Right Votes?

NAD Delegates Equal Right Votes? In which the election committee announced official candidates NAD Presidential elections that Chris Wagner has been selected to serve as the NAD's president in which the Z|CSDVRS's vice president Chris Wagner is operating systems. The many of Deaf Communites finds disburbing and uncomfortable the words 'DEAF MILITANTS' commencement speech ideas from the Z|CSDVRS company, as seen on article: Deaf Militant Is An 'Intergenerative' Hate Speech

Deaf Communites should continue contacting FCC to file complaint and boycotting such services. They have no business of throwing labels to a population they services while receiving federal funds. Also, censoring freedom of speech and social media while implementing their own agendas for NAD Presidential selection. Neutral and non-discriminatory must! Consequences.

CSD has been harboring NAD and weakening its system for over a decade! NAD Voting System - Number one important - first thing - let us all focus to see if NAD will do fix the bylaws - Voting systems need to change asap!

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