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The Ghost Tracks Video In ASL

The ghost tracks of San Antonio video in American Sign Language.

San Antonio, TX. - Numerous of Deafies heard the stories about these railroad tracks located on Shane Road where a train struck a school bus during the 1940s and killed the bus driver and all children on the bus.

The urban legend is that a long time ago about haunted railroad tracks near San Antonio, Texas... anyhow, the Deafies decided to do some investigation on their own, and to their amazement they actually found some shocking evidence. The car did indeed go up the hill and over the tracks with the ignition turned off even. They even tried it with the car going backwards and it still worked.

They even noticed very apparent fingerprints on the trunk of the car after pouring baby powder on it and going over the tracks. They say that if you put baby powder on the back on your car the kids handprints will appear. The story and posted by Stacey De Laune.

Video by sldelaune

"The Ghost Tracks of San Antonio" Hosted by Jonathan Levit.
Video by jlevit

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