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Proof Evidence NAD !

Video: Proof Evidence NAD! A satire: Another skit from Molly and Glenda on recent hot topic about NAD, Barry Sewell aka TheHolism and #captionTHIS.

Video by PinkDippers

Remember!!! This is "Roasting!"

More comedy and hilarious cute girls, Hek and Dolly, Check 'em out at www.hekanddolly.blogspot.com


Discriminates on the GLBT & Marriage Equality ?

The purpose of this article is to explain everything regarding Deaf people's responses to MM and theHolism's blogs in DeafRead for making a bad messages such as oppression on the GLBT, Marriage Equality, Civil Rights and NAD.

Numerous Deaf people of the community feels disagreement with the ruckus (theHolism and MM) somehow, the blogger reader trying to leave the comments under thier blogs which they keep deleted messages and/or not approved the comments on thier blogs which the ruckus cannot deal with who supporting the civil rights due to thier homophobic is obvious.

However, This is just simple that the ruckus is so homophobic! Just as civil rights are civil rights, political engagement is political engagement. The last thing the NAD needs is intracommunity division or to send a message to the general public that some rights are more important than others. Unfortunately, this is precisely what theHolism and MM’s invitation led to.

What those laws are and exactly how they are Homophobic, Islamophobic, Racist, and how they repress people of color, poor women. If you see the Facebook group page, End One, End All, there is an article about intersectionality that illustrates why we must stand in solidarity for all civil rights.

The ruckus supports legal discrimination against a minority group. They strive for 100% one way and discrimination in real life practice. We give you the links of the discriminated against on the GLBT...For examples and to read and weep...

NAD Shifted Away Again!

Shrews are Getting NAD's Reins

Thank You GLBT, Our Trojan Horse!

NAD, Only for the Oppressed?

Dear NADQ (National Association of the Deaf Queers)

Go Holism!

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