Selasa, 05 Juni 2012

#captionTHIS: Day of Action

Video: #captionTHIS Day of Action June 6th is when we work together to protest to end the injustice from oppression, because we care!

Video by monkichia

Transcript is included in this description, after these links.

Sign the petition at:

To send letters to different companies and learn more about this:

Further information regarding captioning and accessibility can be found at GLAD's lawsuit against CNN:

NAD's lawsuit against Netflix:

Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning:

More Benefits of captions:

Forbes article on CC Upgrades, Searchability and Why It's Personal:

Get a "Stop Audism" t-shirt!

Special thanks to Ben Jarashow for the Pierre Desloges quote!

An Ink and Salt Production

Sign the petition here:

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