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HEARS For The First Time Video Is FAKE ?

Video: Hears for the first time video is fake ?

If you have access to the internet, or live within shouting distance of someone who does, then few past weeks ago, you probably watched the wildly popular the videos of "HEARS for the first time" in these days, Deaf people who, after receiving cochlear/hearing implantations, was able to hear for the first time.

Some people humbly suggest that the debate over real or fake is completely meaningless anyway, since the purpose is just to get people talking about the company or the product in fact, the people who are crying "fake," while trying to damage the video's reputation, are actually only helping the brand succeed in generating buzz. It's a textbook example of the "the "Streisand Effect."

"Entertainment and sharing are the only goals with online video ads" Viewers get so caught up in the debate over real or fake, but you know who doesn't? The brand. Do you think the brand cares whether you came to the video with a bias thinking it was fake? Because they don't. What they care about is that you A) watched it, and B) forwarded it to someone. You could have forwarded it because you believed it was a real. Or you could have sent it to friends because you're convinced it's an obvious fake and you want their support. Either way... the video is shared like crazy.

It's also incredibly difficult to "prove" these things one way or another, which will allow the conspiracy theory to live on almost indefinitely. So if they're smart, The community isn't getting caught up in trying to prove their video is real, but are merely basking in the glow of the tech journalism's spotlight. Meanwhile, international media news are the propaganda of HUGE lies!!!, but the audience will no longer believe it's real.

One frequently cited piece of evidence supporting the hoax claim is that they speaks pretty clearly which, according to Yes, they "hear" now, but they're still not "Hearing"! with captioned, It is impossible for someone who is actually Deaf. This evaluation is usually backed up with an explanation like, "My nephew went to summer camp with a guy who said his neighbor's aunt was completely Deaf, and she couldn't talk that well, so this must be a fake."

However, the first sentence of that article proves the point. They were not DEAF. They had severe "Hearing Loss." It is amazing what they did but it should not be title "DEAF" they "HEARS" for the first time. They has been heard themselves before, just not clearly. Thier voice sounded too "Hearing-Like" and could be heard clearly raising questions if her hearing loss is really severe, maybe there's a line drawn between using the term 'Deaf', because there are 'Legally Blind' people that can still see. Maybe there is 'Legally Deaf'.

These people clearly do not understand that proper speech requires hearing in order for the speaker to properly modulate their voice. For the same reason that people listening to loud music on headphones may either shout or speak too quietly, Deaf people typically have a difficult time vocalizing normally. One of the reasons that they are able to vocalize in the manner that they do is because their brain is using the vibration caused by their vocal chords to help modulate. Spoken word recognition in toddlers who use cochlear implants:

Again, Entertainment and sharing are the only goals with online video ads have been quite a few detractors on the internet stating that seems to indicate these videos may be a fake/hoax..., because they are able to speak almost immediately after it is turned on. The video takes place in a doctor's office and shows the adult/children's reaction at the precise moment a lab technician turns on the implant device. Some people viewed the video at least a half-dozen times, and they can unequivocally state that it is the most inspiring the video you will ever see that consists almost entirely of thier crying or exciting (Presumably, they are crying because of the emotion of the moment, and not because the technician decided that thier first audible sound should be a recording, perhaps. The stories run by the media is grossly distorted or simply fake (to sell the product?) it is possbile to convince people to buy the product by the cochlear implant companies from the media network.

The media network is interesting the video which on purpose is only for the money as the dirty business? as seen on Cochlear Business Is Dirty Business! with captioned. The video is only for the money as the dirty business that what the media seeking partnership agreement contract to share profit from the cochlear implant companies? The whole thing was acted out in order to help promote the implantable hearing aid. You can see the fact checks and weblinks as following: An organic cure for deafness:  Deaf Bilingual Coaltion:

"Hears for the first time" video is fake? You decide...

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