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Jabberwocky 2012 ASL Video

stormFx presents: Jabberwocky 2012 American Sign Language video by Bjorn Storm. - An interpretation of Lewis Carroll's poem (1871) as a short film with subtitled for the modern viewer.

A quick note about my interpretation... please remember that 'interpretation' applies to more than simply taking words from one language to the next. In the essence of "gibberish translates to gibberish" the intent, mood, and even events can change depending on context. Once the Tulgey Wood is understood to be a modern day tavern instead of a dark and scarey forest, the doors opened to a far more liberal take on the original story. Please, please view the original, signed interpretation of this piece by Joe Velez and Eric Malzkuhn back in 1968 here: http://videocatalog.gallaudet.edu/?id=6518

***Disclaimer: "The video that follow is not appropriate for children. This interpretation includes signs considered profane or vulgar.

Jabberwocky 2012
Video by bjorn storm

For all you ASL students out there watching: please avoid furiously trying to gloss the signs I've used for "borogove" and "frumious", etc. HAHA! :P This is to be taken as a work of art, not the work of a professional interpreter. Stop analyzing and enjoy! ;) Love you guys!

I have so many people to thank for helping make my Tulgey Wood come to life! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, everyone who was involved. From all the colorful characters who showed up in their best for filming and stayed into the wee hours of night on a work day, to everybody behind the scenes, and perhaps more importantly - everybody who has had to listen to me blab about this endlessly for the last year - it wouldn't have been possible without you.

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Extra special thanks to: Crush Bar (this place is friggin' awesome and let us film in their facilities): www.crushbar.com

Still photography provided by Adrienne's View: http://adriennesview.blogspot.com/

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