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Deaf Mother Survivor Being Assaulted By Nazis

A Documentary Film: Deaf Mother Survivor Being Assaulted By Nazis.

Bring Your Own Doc: 'Ingelore' Revisiting a Nazi Assault. Director Frank Stiefel, of Ingelore, talks to Ondi on this BYOD REMIX about the jaw-dropping experience of his hearing impaired mother being assaulted by nazis during WWII.

In this eye-opening interview, director Frank Stiefel talks about his film, 'Ingelore.'

Telling the shattering story of his own mother's assault at the hands of Nazis during WWII, Stiefel digs deep into the despair of war and family in this episode of BYOD.

Watch the full interview this video:

A Holocaust Survivor Finds Her Voice With Ingelore Director Frank Stiefel.

Video by TheLipTV

Guest Bio: Frank Stiefel, the producer, writer and director of 'Ingelore' has spent most of his career as a production executive in the television commercial production industry. First as the Executive Producer at Stiefel & Company and later at @Radical Media, he was responsible for the production of thousands of commercials. He also produced a number of short subject documentaries that appeared in festivals such as Telluride, Sundance and Berlin. 'Ingelore' is the first film he has directed. Read more http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poGhJ20n_pY&hd=1

Visit for more information: http://www.ingeloremovie.com/

Add'l Links: https://www.facebook.com/pages/INGELORE-A-Film-By-Frank-Stiefel/109594633797

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