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Critical Interrogation of Karl White's Speech

Video: Critical Interrogation of Karl White's speech at TEDxUSU. (December 2012)

A Critical Interrogation of Karl White's presentation at TEDxUSU: Establishing a sound foundation for children who are deaf or hard of hearing as seen on

Anyone with some level of familiarity with Deaf people will agree that there are some deep philosophical differences in how we interact with, work with, and approach Deaf children.

As such anyone who purports to be an authority on Deaf people has an ethical responsibility to be transparent.

We find it disturbing that individuals such as Karl White continue to blatantly abuse their position by misleading the general public about Deaf people, languages, and medical intervention. This is done through intentional framing, through omission of facts, and through giving appearances of neutrality when in fact bias is present.

Here we discuss some of the things we noted and/or have questions about regarding his recent presentation at TEDxUSU (published on December 5, 2012).

English version posted alongside video at FE: Butterfly Effect on Facebook. If you want a copy of the english transcript, contact us at and we'll send it to you. Visit for more information. Subscribe Facundo Element Videos

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