Selasa, 10 April 2012

Deaf Film: Deaf Night & The Movies

Movie Trailer: 'Deaf Night and The Movies' in captioned.

Lance Pickett and Sean Christopher teamed up to produce and direct this adventurous film exploring three tales:

The Deaf Cow where a cursed spell spoken by an evil witch upon a Milkman's farm and his Deaf cow, Deaf vs. Mafia narrates an interesting new perspective on the famed Deaf folk tale "The Deaf Mafia" and why Interpreters can't be trusted, and Deaf and Addicted unfolds what really happens when a Deaf man enters the wrong place at the wrong time during a Deaf Addiction counseling session. Hosted by the great storyteller and born n' raised CODA, Wing Butler!

Video by lancepickett

Over 90 minutes of pure entertainment for your entire family! You'll be humored, surprised, and mystified by these clever plots! Acted and created by a team of over 60 members of the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing communities; making this the largest Deaf production ever made in the State of Utah!

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